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'To you I give the grain, the light, and the sky. To you, the sacred heritage. To you, the land and sea....'

'We had a dream last night. We had the same dream!!!..

P.S. This book contains a lot of our dreams, and visions or waking dreams.

P.S. This book contains a lot of our dreams, and visions or waking dreams.

P.S. Not at all claims are the delusional fantasies of this author ©®. And most of this all this material could probably be dumped , but it some people might want to "view" it for historical reasons so there might be a bit too much information on this site. Too much information. Please follow directions and only read material we have verified and labeled as readable , of course everything is still here if someone insisting on reading it for any reason, or what.

N.B. Unknown "forces" whatever yet not explainable have influence over this blog , could be as simple as hackers but the material might be considered Schizophrenic now as it maybe goes high and low all over the place.


Planning on re-formating most of the stuff here so that it makes conscious sense. Stuff was written with little in the mind that we are not doing telepathy and a cake. - We are also becoming more conscious our selves, which paradoxically means some of this stuff might have been written with little conscious efforts.

November 2018:

2. New Propaganda -section.

1.Great turbulence. Don't know to upload. Need to change earlier uploads before scripts. We are timid about uploading something.


Halloween 2018: It would be funny to see Ronald D. Pearson's "Exact Classical Mechanics" (physics-theory) turned into a stock-broker computer-program.. Many people don't realize a stock-exchange might be a so-called physical system..

New Possible Field A -value: 29/S6 == 29/1.125 == [1.0740740740740742 -> *2*2*216] == 2.1481481481481484 -> *2 == 4.296296296296297 --> *2 == 8.592592592592593 -> *6 == 51.55555555555556 -> *6 6== 309.33333333333337 -> *6 === 1856.0000000000002. This one diverge from 1850 by Bruce Cathie originally, and by myself with my correct mathematical one 18540 though we suppose if we add Quantum Spin to this later one +2 (As per Buckminster Fuller cf. 2nf²+2) then we do have 1856(0)..This should be a final value since we've decorated the cake with +2..

Still August 2018: The so-called Graveyard-shift and psychic phenomena have just been tried and tested. We say wanted to test if we could discern any energy during the night from sexual dreams around.

Used for this experiment was a quantity of "Female Ginseng" -root (angelica sinensis), some classical witty music, and some coffee. Nothing melatonin sleep hormones were used either during the test of this experiment.

For this sexual energy was physical and detectable.

Quantum Computer works. It indicates that proposed value for optimal body-temperature at 63.5 exact Fahrenheit is true as it gives off error in the Quantum Flux-Chip , a crc-offset of 142. This is wrong OUTSIDE temperature should be as such.

As noted before if inside (body) is 37.69444..Celcius == 99.4 Fahrenheit and outside (space) is 17.694444 Celcius =̈~ 63.5 Fahrenheit then we have optimal atmosphere. Normal float-point / floating-point computers seems to have this off-set error, can it be used? When it sometimes is Synergetic?

A note to any readers of this site. It has occurred to us that there might be some stuff written here or not, we would also like to mention that this site is in the index here (https://www.viking-z.org/aforbid.htm) and a such there are other things to view on the internet as well. This is fortunately for you, we hope.

Storm July 2018: Barometer recorded 1/2? (Schuman Resonance) during storm after also the barometer recorded sum of 1 to 144 / 10 = 1044 twice which is a heat record also. This could mean that if the barometer reach 1044 few times a "spring-feather" could be set to 78, note though that this is two different digit-systems (i.e. difference between 1044 and 78).

July 2018:Unfortunately it has been deemed that this site has to, and tries to predict now, from a technical future.

July 2018: Alpha (did we say beta no meant alpha) edition of the Omega/Enigma/Alpha machine available in the Grid-section.

Summer solstice and the twilight is done this time around. May all the next year we prosper and find happiness. Good things are in sight, and everything is alright. "Oh my a poet I've never seen one of those since the 18 hundreds..". N.B. We are beta-testing the world-grid software in case anyone had forgotten we are developing a computer program the both use capt. Bruce Cathie's equations and their extensions and our own one's though bad luck for those who can not read in numbers. We should very well have to make a transliteration into English perhaps, though that might take time as this is not Jewish Kabbalah-numbers maybe more akin to "the enigma machine", beta software though soon..

Geometry in the grain, so to speak: Jesus? We have always thought even if there the true nature of things are hard to discern or impossible, we find for our two half-siblings are born about 6464 days apart. Water travels at 225*10^n kilometers per hour in Water. So 6464/225 becomes about 28.7288888888888. This divided by two and of course subtracted from 14.4 , and multiplied by 36 give us on our computer: 1.2800000000000082 it's only 1.28 like Schuman Resonance of course, why the trailing bits are 82 might be cause today is the 28th maybe the computer thought the reverse, but can all matter as we like to think of everything existing connected , may matter have consciousness? (The inverse becomes 0.781249999999995)

May 2017. We're all alone. We truly are. In the world.

We don't know what people are up to with the Echellon-system, but we might find out about or not.

The rest of the earlier news / thoughts, they take up to much space on this front-page.


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